Types of Knives Weapons [The Ultimate Guide]

Even though we think of knives as just sharp, metal tools, they come in numerous types, styles, and designs.

In this article, we’ll walk through some of the types of knife weapons. So, if you’re interested in learning more about them, continue reading this article.

Different Types of Knife Weapons

Whether you’re an enthusiastic collector with a taste for intriguing knife weapons, or just a curious fan that wishes to find out more, you’ll surely find some interesting pieces here.

Knives are classified as edged or bladed weapons together with daggers and swords. Depending on their purpose, they may be used to hack, cut, or even thrust and stab.

And now, let’s check out some of the types. We’ll first have a look at some options that weren’t originally used as weapons but can be used as ones.


multitool knife

As the name implies, this knife contains multiple tools in one piece, such as screwdrivers, can openers, and pliers. Thanks to their pocket-size designs, you can carry them in a wallet or put them in belt carriers.

However, the multitool can be useful as a self-defense weapon because of its convenience, discreteness, flexibility, and efficient stabbing performance.


machete knife

The machete is listed as one of the most popular knives in the world. People can use it to cut trees or gather firewood. However, being a long heavy knife, it can also be used as a weapon or a combat tool.


balisong knife

It’s also known as a butterfly knife because it looks like the wings of a butterfly when operated. It contains two handles attached to one pivot point. Since one can easily open it by flicking their wrist, it has been frequently used as a pocket utility tool.

However, it can also serve as a stabbing weapon when in the hands of a well-practiced operator. But if you can’t use it well, you can hurt yourself; it’s not suitable for beginners.

Because many people practice fun tricks by flipping the balisong, it’s now considered illegal in some countries.

And now, let’s check out knives that were created for real fighting.

Combat Knives

combat knives

These knives are uniquely created as weapons. Their classifications are usually based on the following characteristics:

  • Quality of steel
  • Type of handle
  • Weight and size
  • Amount of damage caused
  • Speed (deployment time)
  • Purpose of use

Let’s walk through some of the types of combat knives.


Initially, this knife was created as a fixed-blade, and it served as a working tool. However, with time, karambit’s blade became sharper, more carved, and designed in a folding style. Thus, it was repurposed as a weapon.


The Kukri is usually about a one-foot twelve-inch blade with a fairly short handle. For its size, it’s pretty heavy. In addition to that, it’s quite forward balanced, and the edge is on the inside curve. Since it curves forwards, it can also be a very effective chopping knife.

Sometimes, we can find this knife weapon categorized as a small sword.


They’re long-bladed, single or double-edged, thin, and pointed. Since it has proved to be very useful and effective as a sailor’s fighting knife, the dirk knife is now included in some countries as a piece of standard equipment for officers and midshipmen.

Another fascinating fact is that many dirk knives are handmade and unique, so they make exquisite collectibles.


It’s a knife that gets attached front of an M16 rifle. However, bayonets are not considered good slashing tools because they’re efficient only by thrusting.

Trench Knife

The trench knife is a weapon used to stab, punch, or slash. It’s classified as a hybrid between brass knuckles and bayonets. Plus, they were first used as weapons during WWI.

Tactical Knife

This is a modern-era combat knife but can also be practical in a utility role.

Additionally, tactical knives have an aggressive handle material, quick single-handed opening, and purpose-built blades.

Seal Team Elite Fixed Blade Knife

In any situation, this combat knife is built to function with exceptional precision. The Seal Team Elite knife includes a massive seven-inch blade that’s about a quarter-inch wide and has a tough grip. Thanks to its razor-sharp blade, you just need to apply light pressure to complete the task.

The GAG Combat Knife

It’s a unique design with a stainless steel blade and a matching handle in desert dirt color. Also, special forces use the GAG combat knife.

This full tang knife is 10.625 inches overall and features a 5.625-inch blade.


Ka-bar has been popular since WWII as it was originally designed for fighting. Some of the features worth mentioning are its remarkable design, highly-efficient blade, and significant versatility.

Zero Tolerance

This type was originally created for military purposes, so they’re used by professionals. The zero tolerance knife is one of the highest-quality knives out there. It’s also known for its reliability and robustness.

Strongarm Fine Edge Fixed Blade

Here we find a superb combat knife used by military personnel, as well. It’s designed with a full tang blade made of stainless steel. On top of that, it raises the bar in terms of endurance and sharpness.

Benchmade Nimravus 141 knife

The Nimravus 141 knife is a subtype of Benchmade knife that comes with a lifetime guarantee. This means you may get it serviced, sharpened, or even replaced by an authorized dealer for the rest of your life.

Benchmade knives have a thin tanto blade with an incredibly strong point which amplifies their penetration capacity.

Frequently Asked Questions

What type of weapons are knives?

A melee weapon with a cutting edge is known as an edged weapon or a bladed weapon. Bayonets, daggers, knives, and swords are examples of bladed weaponry. Edged weapons can be thrust, stabbed, or cut with them. Some edged weapons also allow for hacking and slashing.

What are sharp weapons called?

A bladed weapon is a weapon with a blade.

What are Class 5 weapons?

Ammunition of all types, bombs, explosives, mines, fuses, detonators, pyrotechnics, missiles, rockets, propellants, and associated items.

Last Words

So that was just a quick walk-through over some of the types of knife weapons. As you can see, there’s a whole world related to knife design, features, and purposes.

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