5160 steel

Is 5160 Steel Good For Knives?

5160 steel is a spring steel alloy good for knives. Even so, it’s more popular in swords and large knives than in everyday-use small knives. And the reason is simple, 5160 comes in ¼ inches … Read more

kershaw cryo review

Kershaw Cryo Review

Oregon-based Kershaw is a big shot in the knife industry. They have maintained quality and affordability since they opened doors in 1974. Now, imagine a combination of Kershaw and the famous Rick Hinderer, then you … Read more

n690co steel review

N690Co Steel Review [The Complete Guide]

N690Co steel is a popular cobalt stainless steel with varying and sometimes opposing opinions on its strengths and weaknesses. You will certainly hear about it when knife shopping. Opinions in knife steel forums, from your … Read more