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Swat Magazine – Eugene Nielsen, May 2011
A knifemaker for over 32 years, Bud Nealy is best known for his MCS (Multi-Concealment Sheath) System covert-carry fixed blade knives.  Nealy’s MCS System is one of the most versatile carry systems available and his state-of-the-art hideout knives are popular with knowledgeable operators worldwide – truly in a class by themselves.

Combat Handguns Steve Dick, September 2007
Simply putting a coat on over a knife theoretically conceals it.  However, carrying it unnoticed but easily accessible is something else again.  The point that seems to be lost on many makers is that the carry system is as important as the knife itself.  For that reason, one custom knifemaker long a favorite of armed pros is Bud Nealy.
Tactical Knives – Ralph Mroz, September 2007
The Nealy Pk-21 (like its predecessor, the Pesh-Kabz) and MCS II system is a knife and concealment  system designed expressly for defensive situations, and it is undoubtedly an exemplary knife of the sort.  By now, it’s also a classic of the genre, too.  And like the classics of any category, it got to be one because of its great virtue and lasting appeal.”

Guns & Ammo – June 2005
If compact carry and concealability are your top concerns, Bud Nealy’s Pesh-Kabz will set you at ease….This is a full tang knife with one of the sweetest blade designs you’ll find….The icing on the cake for all of Nealy’s tactical knives is his incredible MCS concealment system which offers the user a plethora of ways to conceal their knife. So expansive and efficient is Nealy’s MCS System, that government agents and special ops forces have become some of his biggest fans.

Combat Handguns – Bob Arganbright, May 2005
I have recently been using a fixed blade knife, the Cave Bear, made by Bud Nealy. This lightweight, rugged fixed blade knife demonstrates the best of the “KISS” principle in design, along with perfect execution.

Blade – James Ayres, April 2005
Bud Nealy is well known for his small fixed blades. My students used a 2X4 to pound one of his Pesh-Kabz knives through a car body, and to rip plywood from a boarded-up door. The knife came through it all with no nicks and no damage. In fact, despite all the abuse, the edge was still sharp enough to cut paper. It is lightweight, strong, tough and stays sharp – all the requirements of a true everyday-carry survival knife.

Guns Magazine-Jim Gardner, August 2004
Perhaps the name most closely associated with modern neck knives is Bud Nealy. His sleek, exotic designs have been serving cops, servicemen and citizens for over 20 years. But then again, describing Nealy’s blades as neck knives is hardly fair. Yes, he’s done more to popularize this carry style than anyone in the past 200 years, but his sheath systems are far too versatile to be confined to a single mode of use.

American Rifleman – March 2004
Bud Nealy is the master of the concealment or “hideaway” knife and is every bit as well known for his sheath system as he is for making excellent tactical knives.

Tactical Knives – Michael Janich, March 2004
The designer of the patented Multi-Concealment Sheath (MCS) System and one of the world’s best makers of functional, concealable, fixed-blade tactical knives, Nealy is in a class by himself. With more than 20 years of experience and innovation under his belt, he doesn’t only know what makes a good fighting knife, he knows how to make a truly outstanding fighting knife.

Knife World – M. Willson Offutt, October 2003
Bud Nealy lives and breathes blade concealment…In this quest, knife utility is upgraded in a compact format enhanced by a superior sheath design and innovative use of materials. The overall impression is a quality tool for professionals – like duty gear for the Secret Service. It partners nicely with Glock and Surefire.

Tactical Knives - Michael Janich, March 2003
“Bud Nealy is also a name that should be very familiar to anyone “in the know” in the tactical knife community. One of the premier makers of high-quality boot knives, hideout knives, and other handmade fixed blades, Bud is also one of the few knifemakers to understand the difference between making a knife with a sheath and creating a true edged-weapon system. His unique ability to combine flawless tactical blades with practical, versatile carry systems has earned him a special reputation in the knife world. It has also made him the knifemaker of choice for martial artists and serious operators looking for specialized knife systems to meet very specific mission needs.”

Tactical Knives – March 2002 - Mike Janich
“…Nealy turned to knifemaking about 22 years ago with the goal of specializing in state-of-the-art personal defense knives and matching deep-concealment systems. In addition to flawlessly crafting several styles of well-designed personal defense knives, Nealy revolutionized the concept of knife concealment with his patented Multi-Concealment Sheath (MCS) System – a comprehensive kydex sheath package that features magnetic blade retention and supports nine different carry styles. Nealy’s innovative approach to knife and sheath making quickly attracted the attention of armed professionals worldwide, and soon some of the highest speed military, law enforcement, and security operatives on the planet were happily carrying his wares.”

Knife World - March 2001 - M. Willson Offutt IV
“The minimalist approach pioneered by Nealy has been tested by some of the best, and it enjoys growing popularity if we judge by the imitators lining up for a piece of his action.”

Tactical Knives-March 2001- Mike Janich
“Although Bud’s knives are excellent all by themselves, what makes his work truly unique is his MCS sheath design. This patented kydex sheath system uses powerful rare-earth magnets to retain the blade in the sheath and offers the smoothest draw of any concealment system I’ve ever used. It also comes equipped with all the hardware necessary to accommodate nine different carry positions. So regardless of the type of carry you choose, the MCS system will work for you.”

Tactical Knives–July 1999 - Anthony Lombardo
“Bud’s standard 9 position, patented sheath is a marvel of design. Bud’s knives and sheath system are extremely practical, bare bones tools. They are exquisitely, though Spartanly, crafted of the best materials.
“His popularity as “The Master of Concealment” of the knifemaker’s guild is well deserved. “
“Nealy…has brought the small economical handmade fixed blade knife back to the forefront of the personal protection and utility market.”

Blade Magazine-August 1998-Mike Haskew
(quoting a knifemaker/ law enforcement official, trapped in a chase car in an icy river, whose name was withheld by request for security purposes)
“Close to panic myself, I tried to get out – and here’s where my Bud Nealy 5-inch Kinzhal came into play. I was carrying it on the inside pocket of my jacket and used it as a can-opener…and managed to rip an opening in the van’s roof in the shape of a wedge big enough for my co-worker and me to get out and onto dry land. My hands were a mess of cuts and rips. As a knifemaker, I feel that the Kinzhal stood the ultimate test, as it saved my life that day. The money I laid out for it was the best money I ever spent.”

Knives ‘99, ‘97 - Ken Warner
‘99 “The Carry Comfort King”. “The Prince of Concealment”.
‘97 “Bud Nealy…The Specialist”. “The Nouvelle vogue in the concealment tactical - a bonanza of shapes & sizes, all slick.”

Marvel Comics, “The Punisher Armory”, Volume 7
“I walked away with the pick of the litter…an Aikuchi 3 1/2” blade, tanto-style knife made by Bud Nealy out of Stroudsburg, Pennsylvania. Included is his very special sheath that can be tucked away all over.

Street Steel by Mike Janich, © 1996
“One of the most unique retention systems I’ve seen was designed by custom knifemaker Bud Nealy.”
“The workmanship of Mr. Nealy’s sheaths and knives is in a class by itself, and his designs exhibit a real-world practicality seldom seen in the knife trade.”

Fighting Knives - July 1993, July 1992 - Greg Walker
“Bud Nealy makes one of the most cost-effective self-defense packages we’ve ever evaluated.”
“This is a dynamic system which will find immediate favor with law enforcement personnel as well as anti-terrorist units.”