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About the Knives

PK-21, Carbon FiberI am best known for my MCS System Knives utilizing my patented MCS (Multi-Concealment Sheath) System – a sheath fabricated from kydex (an ABS/acrylic alloy) which can be fitted with any one of four attachments offering nine different carry positions. Thousands of my MCS System knives are carried daily by plainclothes police, undercover agents, members of FBI S.W.A.T. teams, French R.A.I.D. teams, U.S. Embassy guards, executive protection and EMT personnel, newspaper reporters and others who work in or travel to unsafe neighborhoods.

Minisink, G-10In addition to nine MCS models, I’ve designed and make a variety of Sporting Knives (used for hunting, fishing, backpacking, mountain biking, canoeing, etc.)  Other of my designs include kitchenware, carving sets, and highly finished collector’s pieces.

All of my knives are made by hand from the finest steels available.  These include CPM 154, a state of the art, crucible particle melt stainless and CTS XHP, Carpenter Technology’s approach to combining the corrosion resistance of a high hardness type 440C stainless steel and a high carbon, abrasion-resistant D2 tool steel.  Over the years, I have obtained vast quantities of flawless damascus steel from Daryl Meier and have also purchased from  Devon Thomas, Mike Norris, and various other makers.

My knives are handled in a variety of materials ranging from the “workhorse”, utilitarian, Grip-Guard G-10, to exotic woods, pearl, animal horn, etc.